Primary media Name Nationality Sorted AscendingDate
Media FileHenry SandhamCanadianCanadian painter and illustrator, 1842–1910
Media FileKit-Yin SnyderChinese-American artist and filmmaker, born 1934
Media FileBenjamin SmithEnglishEnglish engraver, 1775–1833
Elizabeth Siddal, c.1854 by Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Delaware Art Museum, 1985-19Elizabeth Eleanor SiddalBritishEnglish model, painter, and poet, 1829–1862
Marie Spartali StillmanBritishEnglish painter and artists' model, 1844–1927
Frederic Shields, c. 1903. Samuel and Mary R. Bancroft, Jr. Manuscript Collection, Delaware Art Museum Frederic James ShieldsBritishEnglish painter, illustrator, and designer, 1833–1911
Frederick Sandys, c.1900 by Percy Wood. Samuel and Mary R. Bancroft Pre-Raphaelite Manuscript Collection, Delaware Art MuseumFrederick SandysBritishEnglish painter, illustrator, and draftsman, 1829–1904
Media FileEdmund Joseph SullivanEnglishEnglish painter, illustrator, and draftsman, 1869–1933
Media FileJames SmethamBritishEnglish painter, printmaker, and writer, 1821–1889
Media FileSteuben Glass Co.Americanfounded in 1903 by T.G. Hawkes and Frederick Carder at Corning, N.Y.; purchased by the Corning Glass Works in 1918