Primary media Name Nationality Date
Media FileSaul SteinbergAmericanAmerican artist and cartoonist, 1914–1999
Media FileThéophile Alexandre SteinlenSwissSwiss artist and illustrator, 1859–1923
Media FilePat SteirAmericanAmerican painter, printmaker, and conceptual artist, born 1938
Media FileFrank StellaAmericanAmerican painter, born 1936
Media FileJoseph StellaAmericanAmerican artist, 1877–1946
Media FileAlice Barber StephensAmericanAmerican painter, illustrator, and printmaker, 1858–1932
Media FileHarry SternbergAmericanAmerican printmaker and painter, 1904–2001
Media FileMaurice SterneAmericanAmerican painter, printmaker, sculptor, 1878–1957
Media FileAlbert Edward SternerAmerican, born LondonAmerican painter, printmaker, and illustrator 1863–1946
Media FileSteuben Glass Co.Americanfounded in 1903 by T.G. Hawkes and Frederick Carder at Corning, N.Y.; purchased by the Corning Glass Works in 1918