Primary media Name Nationality Sorted AscendingDate
Media FileWalter G. RattermanAmericanAmerican painter and illustrator, 1887–1944
Media FilePhilip ReismanAmericanAmerican painter and illustrator, 1904–1992
Media FileSeymour RemenickAmericanAmerican painter and instructor, 1923–1999
Media FileMan RayAmericanAmerican painter and photographer, 1890–1976
Media FileCaroline Speare RohlandAmericanAmerican painter and printmaker, 1885–1965
Media FileHerman RoseAmericanAmerican painter and printmaker, 1909–2007
Media FileJudy RifkaAmericanAmerican painter and video artist, born 1945
Media FileWilliam Trost RichardsAmericanAmerican painter, 1833–1905
Albert Pinkham Ryder, c. 1905 by Alice Boughton. Smithsonian Institute, aaa_macbgall_8910Albert Pinkham RyderAmericanAmerican painter, 1847–1917
Media FileChauncey F. RyderAmericanAmerican painter, 1868–1949