Primary media Sorted AscendingName Nationality Date
Media FileThéodore RousseauFrenchFrench painter, 1812–1867
Media FileTheodore RousselFrench, active in Great BritainFrench painter and printmaker, active in Great Britain, 1847–1926
Media FileThomas Matthews RookeBritishBritish painter, 1842–1942
Media FileThomas RowlandsonEnglishEnglish caricaturist and watercolorist, c.1756–1827
Media FileTony RobbinAmericanAmerican painter, born 1943
Media FileVerna Evelyn ReeveAmericanAmerican painter
Media FileWalford Graham RobertsonEnglishBritish painter, 1867–1948
Media FileWalter G. RattermanAmericanAmerican painter and illustrator, 1887–1944
Media FileWalter RabetzAmericanAmerican photographer, born 1940
Media FileWarren RohrerAmericanAmerican painter, 1927–1995