Primary media Name Nationality Date
Media FileDiane NeumaierAmericanAmerican photographer and artist, born 1946
Media FileMaurice Louis Henri NeumontFrenchFrench painter, graphic artist, and lithographer, 1868-1930
Media FileLouise NevelsonAmericanAmerican sculptor, 1899–1988
Media FileAvis NewcombAmericanAmerican fashion model, 20th century
Media FilePeter Sheaf Hersey NewellAmericanAmerican artist and illustrator, 1862–1924
Media FileArnold NewmanAmericanAmerican photographer, 1918–2006
Media FileGeorge A. NewmanAmericanAmerican artist, 1875–1965
Media FileDon NiceAmericanAmerican painter, 1932–2019
Media FileLester Nichollsunknown
Media FileEleanor C. NicholsAmerican silversmith, 1903–1988