Primary media Name Nationality Date
Media FileHenry McCarterAmericanAmerican painter, illustrator, 1866–1942
Media FileEugene McCarthyAmericanAmerican politician and poet, 1916–2005
Media FileJohn Ward McClellanAmericanAmerican artist, 1908–1984, born in London
Media FileHenrietta Adams McClureAmericanAmerican illustrator, died 1946
Photograph of Emlen McConnell, date unknown. Students of Howard Pyle files, Helen Farr Sloan Library, Delaware Art Museum 
Emlen McConnellAmericanAmerican illustrator, 1872–1947
Media FileHarry McCormickAmericanAmerican painter, born 1942
Media FileGordon M. McCouchAmericanAmerican painter and printmaker, 1885–1962
Media FileAnn Wyeth McCoyAmericanAmerican musician, composer, and painter, 1915–2005
Media FileJohn W. McCoyAmericanAmerican painter, 1910–1989
Media FileJohn McCradyAmericanAmerican painter, muralist, and author, 1911–1968