Primary media Name Nationality Date
Media FileBerthe MorisotFrenchFrench painter, 1841–1895
Media FileVera MorosoffRussianRussian painter and illustrator, 1899–1991
Media FileJames Wilson MorriceCanadianCanadian painter, 1865–1924
Media FileMorris and CompanyEnglishEnglish furniture maker and design firm, 1875–1940
Media FileAnnie Morrisunknown
Media FileKyle MorrisAmericanAmerican artist, 1918–1979
Media FileRobert MorrisAmericanAmerican sculptor, conceptual artist, and writer, born 1931
William Morris, c. 1887 by Frederick Hollyer. Samuel and Mary R. Bancroft, Jr. Manuscript Collection, Delaware Art MuseumWilliam MorrisBritishEnglish designer, writer, and activist, 1834–1896
Media FileDorothy Marie MorrisonAmericanAmerican designer and etcher, 1909–2013
Media FileAlbert George MorrowAmericanIrish painter, illustrator, and poster artist, 1863–1927