Primary media Name Nationality Date
Media FileAlphonse LegrosFrenchFrench and British etcher, painter, and sculptor, 1837–1911
Media FileGustave LeheutreFrenchFrench printmaker and painter, 1861–1932
Media FileGerson LeiberAmericanAmerican printmaker, painter, born 1921
Media FileWilhelm LeiblGermanGerman painter and printmaker, 1844–1900
Media FileClare LeightonAmerican, born in EnglandAmerican printmaker, illustrator, and author, 1898–1989, born in England
Media FileMartin B. LeisserAmericanAmerican painter, 1845–1940
Media FileIrene K. LenherAmericanAmerican painter, 1908–1986
Media FileErica LennardAmericanAmerican photographer, born 1950
Media FileJC LenochanAmericanAmerican artist, born 1970
Media FileFrank (Lank) LeonardAmericanAmerican cartoonist, 1896–1970