Primary media Sorted AscendingName Nationality Date
Media FileBetty GoldAmericanAmerican painter, sculptor, and photographer, born 1935
Media FileBill GrahamAmericanAmerican concert promoter and poster publisher, 1931–1991
Media FileC. Gray-ParkerAmericanAmerican illustrator, active late 19th century
Media FileChaim GrossAmericanAmerican sculptor and printmaker, 1904–1991
Media FileCharles Allan GilbertAmericanAmerican painter, 1873–1929
Media FileCharles Dana GibsonAmericanAmerican illustrator and painter, 1867–1944
Media FileCharles GinneverAmericanAmerican sculptor, 1931–2019
Media FileCharles GraflyAmericanAmerican sculptor, 1862–1929
Media FileCharles GrunwaldAmericanAmerican illustrator, early 20th century
Media FileCornelia GreenoughAmericanAmerican illustrator, c.1870-1949