Primary media Name Nationality Date
Illustration from Harper's New Monthly Magazine, vol. 64 (1882)Thomas EakinsAmericanAmerican painter, photographer, and sculptor, 1844–1916
Media FileJack EarlAmericanAmerican sculptor, born 1934
Media FileKerr EbyCanadianCanadian painter, printmaker, 1890–1946
Media FileJohn EckAmerican fiber artist
Media FileRuth EcksteinAmericanAmerican artist, 1916–2011
Media FileMary Beth EdelsonAmericanAmerican painter, photographer, and installation artist, born 1934
Media FileAnne EderAmericanAmerican, born 1957
Media FileF. Gilbert EdgeAmericanAmerican book illustrator and cartoonist, active late 19th and early 20th century
Media FileHarold Eugene EdgertonAmericanAmerican scientist and photographer, 1903–1990
Media FileFrank EdgingtonAmericanAmerican cartoonist, 20th century