Primary media Name Nationality Date
Media FileD. Rice and A.N. HartAmericanPhiladelphia publisher, 19th century
Media FileLeon DaboAmericanAmerican landscapist and muralist, 1868–1960, active in Paris
Media FileJulio daCunhaAmericanAmerican painter and printmaker, born 1929
Media FilePascal Adolphe Jean Dagnan-BouveretFrenchFrench painter and printmaker, 1852–1929
Media FileF. Hugo d'AlesiFrench-RomanianFrench-Romanian painter and graphic artist, 1849–1906
Media FileGregory D'AlessioAmericanAmerican cartoonist, illustrator, and painter, 1904–1993
Media FileSalvador DalíSpanishSpanish painter and printmaker, 1904–1989
Media FileLouis W. DalrympleAmericanAmerican illustrator, 1866–1905
Media FileGustaf Oscar DalströmAmericanAmerican painter, muralist, and printmaker, 1893–1971
Media FileBetsy DamonAmericanAmerican painter, sculptor, and performance artist, born 1940