Primary media Sorted AscendingName Nationality Date
Media FileGeorge Henry ClementsAmericanAmerican artist, 1854–1935
Media FileGerald O. CassidyAmericanAmerican painter and illustrator, 1879–1934
Media FileGiorgio CavallonAmericanAmerican painter, 1904–1989
Media FileGiovanni CostaItalianItalian painter, 1826–1903
Media FileGlenn O. ColemanAmericanAmerican painter and printmaker, 1887–1932
Media FileGretna CampbellAmerican painter, 1922–1987
Media FileH. H. Clarkdates unknown
Media FileHannah M. ChristieAmericanAmerican artist, 1904–1989
Media FileHarold I. CarlisleAmericanAmerican illustrator, 1904–1970
Media FileHarrison CadyAmericanAmerican illustrator, cartoonist, and author, 1877–1970