Primary media Name Nationality Date
Media FileWalter Childjeweler and designer, 1840-1930
Media FileThomas ChimesAmericanAmerican painter, 1921–2009
Media FileW. ChippendaleIllustrator, late 19th century
Media FileChiron Press1963–1968
Media FileHannah M. ChristieAmericanAmerican artist, 1904–1989
Media FileHoward Chandler ChristyAmericanAmerican illustrator and painter, 1873–1952
Media FileChromacomp Inc.
Frederic E. Church, c. 1855-1865. Library of Congress, LC-BH82- 5209 BFrederic Edwin ChurchAmericanAmerican painter, 1826–1900
Media FileFrederick Stuart ChurchAmericanAmerican painter and illustrator, 1842–1924
Media FileSharon ChurchAmericanAmerican jeweler, born 1948