Primary media Name Nationality Date
Media FileC.D. CummingsAmericanAmerican illustrator, 19th century
Media FileCharles Ernest CundallBritishBritish painter, ceramicist, and stained-glass artist, 1890–1971
Media FileJohn CuneoAmerican illustrator, born 1957
Media FileImogen CunninghamAmericanAmerican photographer, 1883–1976
Media FileDarryl J. CurranAmericanAmerican photographer, born 1935
Media FileCurrier & IvesAmericanAmerican printing firm, 1834–1907
Media FileJohn Steuart CurryAmericanAmerican painter, illustrator, and muralist, 1897–1946
Media FileEdward S. CurtisAmericanAmerican photographer, 1868–1952
Media FileEugene CusackAmericanAmerican printmaker, born 1940
Media FileOtho CushingAmericanAmerican illustrator and cartoonist, 1871–1942