Primary media Name Nationality Sorted AscendingDate
Media FileCentury Companyfounded 1881, now defunct
Media FileCirrus Gallery and Cirrus Editions, Ltd.founded 1970
Media FileJacques CallotFrenchFrench etcher, engraver, and draftsman, 1592–1635
Media FileJean Andre CastaigneFrenchFrench illustrator and painter, 1861–1929, active in the United States
Media FilePaul CézanneFrenchFrench painter and draftsman, 1839–1906
Media FileJean CharlotFrenchFrench painter and printmaker, 1898–1979, active in Mexico and the United States
Media FileJules ChéretFrenchFrench painter, draftsman, and printmaker, 1836–1932
Media FileNicholas-Toussaint CharletFrenchFrench painter, printmaker, 1792–1845
Media FileLucien ClergueFrenchFrench photographer, 1934–2014
Media FileCham (Amédée Charles Henri, Compte de Noé)FrenchFrench printmaker, 1818–1879