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Théophile Alexandre Steinlen
Date: Swiss artist and illustrator, 1859–1923
Biography: Steinlen was a key participant in the bohemian art world of Montmartre around the turn of the century. He is probably best known for his posters, cartoons, and illustrations of black cats, associated with the infamous Chat Noir café. Born in Lausanne, in the French-speaking region of Switzerland, Steinlen arrived in Paris in 1882 and quickly became part of the art scene in Montmartre. His earliest illustrations related to the popular songs played in the cabarets there, and he would produce advertisements and covers for sheet music throughout his career. Steinlen became the primary artist for the French magazine Gil Blas Illustré, designing many of the magazine's covers between 1891 and 1900. These covers were avidly collected by American artists and illustrators, and Steinlen's work had a major impact on John Sloan and William Glackens among others.