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Anton Franciscus Pieck
Date: Dutch painter, printmaker, and illustrator, 1895–1987
Biography: Pieck's works are noted for their nostalgic or fairy tale-like character and are widely popular, appearing regularly on cards and calendars. He taught from 1912-1920 at the Bik en Vaandrager institute in The Hague and from 1920-1960 at the Kennemer Lyceum in Overveen.

From 1952 to 1974, Pieck was responsible for designing almost everything for fairy tale park Efteling in Kaatsheuvel, now one of the major theme parks in Europe. His work for the Efteling has been of huge importance for the future of the park, since almost all later designers used his graphic characteristics in their designs (such as materials, colors and shapes).

In 1984 the Anton Pieck Museum was opened at the Achterstraat in Hattem. The museum is called "Huis voor Anton Pieck" ("House for Anton Pieck").