Photograph of Emlen McConnell, date unknown. Students of Howard Pyle files, Helen Farr Sloan Library, Delaware Art Museum
Emlen McConnell
Date: American illustrator, 1872–1947
Biography: Emlen McConnell (1872 Philadelphia -1947 Haddonfield NJ) attended the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts from 1895 to 1898. In 1899, he was a student at Howard Pyle's summer school in Cahdds Ford PA. He began his professional career in 1899, producing over 800 illustrations between that year and 1920, according to his own records. Much of his work was for Curtis publications, especially The Saturday Evening Post. In 1925, he ceased his illustration work, because of both his resistance to art editors and a general falling-off of assignments. Thereafter, he painted landscapes and taught classes.

A Small School of Art. Rowland Elzea and Elizabeth H. Hawkes (eds.). Delaware Art Museum. 1980