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Frank Bird Masters
Date: American illustrator, 1873–1955
Biography: Frank Bird Masters (1873 Watertown, MA - 1955 Norwalk CT) attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology from 1891-1895, and the Howard Pyle School of Art in 1903-04. He also studied at the Charles H. Woodbury Art School in Boston.

After early work in the engineering field, he became an artist in the advertising business. During his years with Howard Pyle, he opened an art studio in Wilmington, and then re-located to New York City, where he worked as an artist through 1918. During World War I he served as a camouflage artist for the US Shipping Board.
From 1919 until, apparently, the end of his career, he worked as an advertising illustrator in New York City.

Masters had success as a magazine cover artist, story illustrator (especially for the Saturday Evening Post), and book illustrator.

He was also recognized as a photographer. More than 300 of his photographs of Wilmington, Delaware, and American railroads were discovered in 1977 by the dealer Andrew Daneman. The images included trains, wagons, bridges, warehouses, supply stores, tools, workers, and stationmasters and their families

Sourcex: Biography based on Andrew Daneman; Who Was Who in American Art by Peter Falk; brochure of the 25th reunion of the artist's class of 1895 of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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