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Po Shun Leong
Date: English-American artist, sculptor, and furniture designer, born 1941
Biography: Po Shun Leong is known as an architect, sculptor, and furniture maker. Originally from England, Po Shun demonstrated talent in drawing and painting as a child and young adult. As a student at the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London, Po Shun studied with Le Corbusier while on a travel scholarship to France, and with Kistner, Wright and Wright Architects in California. After graduating, Po Shun moved to Mexico and designed a series of schools and commercial properties, becoming a founding member of the Mexican Association of Craft Designers. In the 1980s, Po Shun settled in Southern California, where he taught himself woodworking and started crafting his iconic wooden art boxes, which are in numerous private and public collections, and has received awards from the American Crafts Exposition and other craft associations.