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Maxime Lalanne
Date: French painter, etcher, and draftsman, 1827–1886
Biography: Born in Bordeaux, Lalanne first pursued classical and traditional studies at the l'institution Oré, where he learned drawing from Saulnier. Although his artistic talent was noted by his comrades and teachers, Lalanne pursued a career in law rather than in art. In 1852, Lalanne left Bordeaux for Paris and the studio of Jean François Gigoux. He first exhibited at the Salon in Paris in 1852 with two charcoal drawings, a medium with which he became associated.

Lalanne's print debut was in 1853—in lithography. He also worked in etching and received numerous awards from the Salon. He developed a working relationship with the Cadart publishing house. During the 20-year period in which they worked together (from 1862 to 1881), Lalanne produced over 145 etchings