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Charles Samuel Keene
Date: British illustrator, 1823–1891
Biography: Charles Samuel Keene, English artist and illustrator, was born in Hornsey, Middlesex. He illustrated for Punch from 1851 until 1890. His illustrations feature gently satirized characters drawn from lower- and middle-class life. His illustrations were also featured in Once a Week from its inception in 1859. Two of his best known contributions to this periodical were a series of illustrations to Charles Reade’s A Good Fight (afterward rechristened The Cloister and the Hearth) and to George Meredith’s Evan Harrington. In 1872 Keene met Joseph Crawhall, whose random descriptions of humorous incidents inspired at least 250 successful drawings in the last 20 years of his work for Punch. In 1881 a volume of his Punch drawings was published as Our People.