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Harold B. Helwig
Date: American enamel artist, 1938–2012
Biography: Harold B. Helwig is known for his enamelwork and his teaching. Born in Wellington, Kansas, Helwig studied art at Fort Hays State University. While Helwig focused on watercolors at the time, he was exposed to enamelwork as an assistant to Deirdre Burant, then a master's student in jewelry. After graduating and earning a master's degree in watercolors, Helwig served in the Army and became the assistant director of the Creative Craft Center at the State University of New York at Buffalo upon his return. He later became a professor in the school's design program and returned to enamelwork. Helwig's enamels, which are often allegorical in subject, earned him recognition and inclusion in "Objects: USA," a major international art exhibition in 1969. Helwig also taught at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts and was a recipient of the Enamelist Society's Creative Arts Award. His work is in the collections of the Long Beach Museum of Art, Delaware Art Museum, and the Enamel Arts Foundation.