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Albany E. Howarth
Date: British engraver, 1872–1936
Biography: Albany E. Howarth (1872–1936) was an etcher and watercolour painter. Born in Durham, his first job was working in the drawing offices of Armstrong Mitchell in Newcastle; an armaments and vehicle manufactory. After four years he left to illustrate a range of newspapers and periodicals printed in the North of England. He taught himself collotype, lithography and process engraving. Beginning around 1905, Howarth emerged as a major etcher and frequently exhibited at such venues as the Fine Arts Society, the Royal Academy and with the Royal Engravers. Howarth was elected an Associate of the Royal Engravers in 1920.

During his career Howarth etched many great architectural views of England, Italy and France. His etchings of the Oxford Colleges, published as set of twelve in 1909, combine etching with dry point to achieve strong tonal effects. Like William Nicholson, Howarth's works are not only concerned with the strong architectural features of his chosen subjects but also the play of light upon them. Many of Howarth's etchings produced in the 1920s were published by the Fine Art Trade Guild, London, in editions of 150 signed impressions.