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Georgina Evelyn Gaskin
Date: British illustrator and craftsman, 1866–1934
Biography: Born in Belle Vue, Shropshire. She was the daughter of William Hanmer France (born c.1840 in Pontesbury, Shropshire) a contractor's agent and the manager of a charity institute in Solihull in 1891. Georgie studied at Birmingham School of Art and from about 1888 was winning prizes for her designs for needlework, wallpaper, and metalwork. She met Arthur Joseph Gaskin at the school and they were married in 1894. They worked collaboratively illustrating books and designing jewellery. Crawford (2004) states that Georgie did all the designing, Arthur contributed enamelwork, and they both made the pieces with assistants. From the early 1900s Arthur also designed metalwork and became head of the Vittoria Street School for Jewellers and Silversmiths. Georgie continued to produce increasingly richly ornamented jewellery (the largest collection is in Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery). Arthur retired from teaching in 1924 and they moved to Chipping Campden in Gloucestershire. There Arthur returned to wood-engraving and painting in tempera while Georgie designed jewellery. She moved to West Malling, in Kent after Arthur's death in 1928.