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Clyde Osmer DeLand
Date: American illustrator, 1872–1947
Biography: Clyde Osmer DeLand was born in Union City, PA. After attending Rochester University, he studied with Howard Pyle at Drexel Institute and at Pyle's summer school in Chadds Ford (1898 and 1899). The March 15, 1909, issue of the Delta Upsilon Quarterly (DeLand belonged to the fraternity at Rochester) notes his proficiency in both art and music. For at time he was a concert pianist. According to the article, in 1896 DeLand became an editor of Sotheron's Magazine and by 1897 his illustrations were in demand "among the best-known American publishers." He had already established his specialty in scenes from American history. Following Pyle's dictates, he valued accuracy in costume and settings, as well as emotive expressions and gestures.

Deland died in Philadelphia.


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