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Charles Allen Duval
Date: British painter, 1808–1872
Biography: Victorian portrait painter, photographer, literary critic, illustrator and writer. He played a large role within the city of Manchester's thriving art scene, including the Manchester Academy of Fine Arts, the Manchester City Art Gallery and the Art Treasures Exhibition, Manchester 1857: a scene which was underpinned by Manchester's industrial entrepreneurs and politicians who all flocked to his studio to have their portraits painted. Duval was born in Beaumaris, Anglesey. After some time at sea he started his artistic career in Liverpool. In 1833 Duval left Liverpool and moved to Manchester He was employed by Messrs. Agnew & Zanetti, Art Dealer (later known as Thomas Agnew & Sons). In Manchester he founded the Art Academy, a society for holding annual exhibitions with the idea of establishing a permanent public gallery, and was its president for many years. (Eventually his idea took permanent form in the rooms of the Royal Manchester Institution). He was one of the first members to be elected to the Manchester Academy of Fine Arts in 1859 and was also one of the first members of the Brasenose Club along with Charles Halle and Edwin Waugh.Duval exhibited for thirty-six years at the Royal Academy, London (1836-1872).