Courtesy of the Geneva (NY) Historical Society
Arthur Dove
Date: American painter, 1880–1946
School: American Modernism
Biography: Throughout his career, Arthur Dove simplified and stylized elements from nature, creating abstracted evocations of the American landscape. Raised in Geneva, New York, Dove followed his parents' wishes and entered Cornell University to prepare for a career in law. He also took art classes and, after graduating in 1903, moved to New York City to work as an illustrator. He traveled in Europe from 1907 through 1909, where he met Max Weber and Alfred Maurer, American painters experimenting with modern modes. After his return he met photographer and gallery owner Alfred Stieglitz, who would be his dealer and advisor for the rest of his career. Stieglitz gave Dove his first solo show in 1912. With his partner Helen Torr, Dove lived in a houseboat off Long Island from 1924 to 1933. The rest of his career, he lived in Connecticut and New York State. His paintings record the varied landscapes and water traffic of his homes.