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Marius Alexander Jacques Bauer
Date: Dutch painter, engraver, and draftsman, 1867–1932
Biography: Marius Bauer (1867-1932) was a painter, etcher and illustrator, born in the Hague, the son of a stage painter. Encouraged by his parents to develop his artistic skills he entered the Art Academy at The Hague at age 10. He left, however, without completing his final exams. He became affiliated with he Pulchri Studio society and was active in art circles in Amsterdam. From early in his career he developed a fascination with the Orient, traveling there often and recording his experiences in etchings. These were exhibited at the Dutch Etching Club. He is best known for his Orientalist imagery and is credited as having led the trend amongst British printmakers towards depicting the Orient. His renderings are a combination of the real and the imaginary, depicted with a rapid, sketchy technique.