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Elenore Plaisted Abbott
Date: American painter and illustrator, 1875–1935
Biography: Born in Lincoln, Maine, Elenore Plaisted Abbott (1875-1935) was an illustrator, scenic designer, and painter. She received her training at the Philadelphia School of Design for Women and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, and at the Académie des Beaux-Arts in Paris, where she also exhibited her work. Upon her return from Europe in 1899, she studied with Howard Pyle at Philadelphia's Drexel Institute.

Abbott became known for both book and magazine illustrations. Her work appeared in Harper's and Scribner's, publications geared to more educated audiences, as well as in less expensive periodicals such as The Saturday Evening Post. She created illustrations for books now regarded as classics, including Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island and Kidnapped, Johann David Wyss's Swiss Family Robinson, Louisa May Alcott's Old Fashioned Girl, and Grimms' Fairy Tales. Her working methods included photographs, which she took and then used in the studio. Much of her work was influenced by the Art Nouveau style.

Abbott was a member of Philadelphia's "The Plastic Club", a membership organization established in 1897 by and for women artists who nonetheless allowed male artists in their exhibitions. Abbott was also a member of the Philadelphia Water Color Club.

She did scenic design for the Hedgerow Theatre in Rose Valley, PA. where she had a studio.

She married lawyer and artist C. Yarnall Abbott in 1907. They had one daughter, Marjorie. After Elenore's sister, also named Marjorie, died, the family took in her daughters, Sonya and Elenore.