TitleSorted AscendingDate Artist Object Number
Holy Familyc. 1856Elizabeth Eleanor Siddal1935-57
FoundDesigned 1853; begun 1859; unfinishedDante Gabriel Rossetti1935-27
The Waterfall1853John Everett Millais1935-53
Mary Magdalenec. 1859Frederick Sandys1935-31
Glorious Guendolen's Golden Hairc. 1856-1857William Morris1997-13
The Arming of a Knight1857-1858[?]William Morris1997-12
The Mother of Moses1860 (first exhibited 1860; undated)Simeon Solomon1999-1
May Margaret1865-1866Frederick Sandys1935-32
Lady Lilith1866-1868 (altered 1872-1873)Dante Gabriel Rossetti1935-29
Lancelot and Guineverec. 1873Julia Margaret Cameron1979-71