The Wife of Izumi no Saburô Tadahira
Date: c. 1841-1842
Medium: Woodcut
Dimensions: sheet: 14 3/16 × 9 7/8 in. (36 × 25.1 cm)
Credit Line: Gift of Dr. Charles Lee Reese, 1940
Object Number: 1940-11.387
About: This print is from the highly regarded series Stories of Wise Women and Faithful Wives, and it pictures Fujinoe, the wife of Izumi no Saburô and her servant (pouring hot water). Kuniyoshi was unusual among ukiyo-e printmakers for his interest in depicting strong, individualized women. He first depicted Fujinoe as a fearsome warrior in his c.1830 series Eight Hundred Heroes of Our Country's Suikoden, One by One. Though she appears sweeter here, Fujinoe leans on a naginata, a pole with a sword blade mounted on one end, a weapon traditionally used by samurai, foot soldiers, and warrior monks.
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