Anthony Van Corlaer, The Trumpeter of New Amsterdam
Date: 1893-94
Medium: Leaded glass, mounted on wood light box
Dimensions: 64 1/2 × 39 1/2 in. (163.8 × 100.3 cm) frame: 72 1/4 × 47 3/4 in. (183.5 × 121.3 cm)
Illustration Citation: Stairway window designed for the Colonial Club at Broadway and 72nd Street, New York, NY
Credit Line: F. V. du Pont Acquisition Fund, 1984
Object Number: 1984-28
About: Pyle designed this window for the stairway of the Colonial Club in New York. The subject is Anthony Van Corlaer, Peter Stuyvesant's trumpeter. Pyle gives Van Corlaer the robust character that 19th century New Yorkers associated with the city's 17th-century Dutch founders. The trumpeter in particular was known as a jovial but fearless man. Tiffany's glass studio utilized a wide variety of techniques to create dazzling effects. Seen here in garments, drapery glass was formed by folding molten glass; jewel glass was made by dropping the molten glass into mold forms. Confetti glass was created by dropping shards of colored glass into a larger sheet of molten glass. Some of the special effects in this window are constructed from the layering of various types of glass over one another. Founded in 1892 and operating until 1903, the Colonial Club at Broadway and 72nd Street in Manhattan, was a social club that admitted men and, unusual for its time, women (although they had separate entrances). According to a writer in 1899, “one of the main objects of the club is to preserve colonial and Revolutionary relics.”
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