McClure's The Story of Rockefeller
Date: 1903
Medium: Single-color commercial lithograph
Dimensions: sheet: 17 × 10 15/16 in. (43.2 × 27.8 cm)
Illustration Citation: Advertising poster for The Story of Rockefeller, by Ida M. Tarbell, in McClure's, December 1903. From a life sketch made by the artist in Cleveland, October 11, 1903.
Credit Line: Gift of Helen Farr Sloan, 1977
Object Number: 1977-105
About: McClure's fostered a new generation of investigative journalists, later dubbed "muckrakers" by President Theodore Roosevelt. They waged a campaign to expose corruption in business and political lawlessness. Ida Tarbell wrote a series of articles focusing on John D. Rockefeller's Standard Oil to illustrate these inflammatory issues. Her stories on Standard Oil began in the November 1902 McClure's and lasted for nineteen issues. Poster artist George Edmund Varian captured Rockefellier's miserly appearance, reflecting Tarbell's description: “Under his silk skull-cap he seems like an old monk of the Inquisition such as one sees in the Spanish picture galleries”
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