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Every day at family prayers Uncle Jason's deep voice had engraved that awful picture a little more deeply in her mind.
Date: 1936
Medium: Carbon pencil on illustration board
Dimensions: sheet: 10 5/8 × 15 5/16 in. (27 × 38.9 cm)
Illustration Citation: "The Great Day," by Hugh McNair Kahler, in The Saturday Evening Post, January 4, 1936
Credit Line: Gift of Frederic R. Gruger, Jr., 1981
Object Number: 1981-2
About: Frederic R. Gruger was one of the most prolific and expert artists in black and white media, which he mastered early in his career as a newspaper illustrator. In this story about a family of nineteenth-century religious fanatics, the young woman at right is under the sway of her uncle, who believes that the world is about to end. Here she shields her ears from his ranting. Ultimately, she breaks free to live her own life.
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