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"We'd like the whole bunch - this young lady too."
Date: 1915
Medium: Crayon, gouache, and watercolor on illustration board
Dimensions: composition: 10 5/8 × 12 9/16 in. (27 × 31.9 cm) sheet: 14 3/8 × 16 1/16 in. (36.5 × 40.8 cm)
Illustration Citation: "The Strange Boarder," by Will Payne, The Saturday Evening Post, March 20,1915
Credit Line: Gift of Janet Hall, 2011
Object Number: 2011-7
About: Henry Raleigh depicts a scene from popular fiction the The Saturday Evening Post. After Sam Gardner loses his Arizona ranch, he moves to Chicago to take a job in a bank where before long, he is falsely accused of murder. Jane Ingrahm, the bank's librarian and a fellow resident of Sam's boarding house, energetically engages in amateur detective work to establish his innocence. Here, as she questions a possible witness to the crime, the police arrive and summon them all to the police station. When the real killer confesses, Sam and Jane are free to enjoy their romance, marry and redeem the ranch in Arizona. Carrying over into five issues of The Saturday Evening Post, the story was adapted to the film of 1920, starring Will Rogers.
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